Italy joins Germany and Switzerland in nuclear power ban

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

nukenothanks The Italian government has proposed to shelve indefinitely its nuclear plans following radiation leaks at Japan's nuclear plant and has presented an amendment to legislation under consideration in the Senate that would call off plans to find, build and activate nuclear plants in the country. The amendment says the government plans to define a new energy strategy instead.

Economic Development Minister Paolo Romani said the leaks at Japan's Fukushima plant had changed everything and that Italy was merely taking the same steps as Germany and others in altering energy strategies following the disaster.

While Germany, Switzerland and, now, Italy, have indefinitely shelved all plans to create any further nuclear power stations and Germany, so it would appear, is also going to phase out its old reactors without replacing them, the British government keeps pushing ahead with plans for masses of more nuclear reactors.

The Con-Dem coalition of Cameron and Clegg is rejecting calls for a moratorium in the UK with the claims that our designs are safer and nothing is going to happen here. They thought that as well in Chernobyl and at Fukushima.

Nuclear power is a dangerous way of creating energy and that not just because of the fact that an accident and therefore a radioactive discharge could occur. The biggest danger comes from the spent fuel and other radioactive waste from whose power stations and, in fact, from decommissioned plants as well.

Nuclear is NOT save and never will be therefore we must rethink our energy usage and production rather than looking to nuclear.

The lies that surrounded nuclear in the 1950s and 1960s are similar to those of today and rather than being the cheapest form of electrical energy – it was going to be too cheap to meter, we were told in the 50s and 60s – it is the most expensive form of electricity generation.

Nuclear Power? No, Thank You...

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