SAVASOCKET Mobile – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

mobile-images350pxSAVASOCKET Mobile monitors the power use of battery chargers. It detects when the battery charge is complete and cuts the power supply at the outlet. No wasted electricity and energy and thus money saved.

A typical cell phone charger can use almost as much electricity when it is plugged in without anything attached and when it is not charging anything, even when the phone is attached.

Charging a cell phone overnight could take just typically an hour or two, whilst the device may remain plugged in for up to seven or even eight hours (now I would love to have a good night like that) overnight or even permanently. And while it is plugged in unnecessarily it will draw power; around 90% of the amount or even more, than what it would use charging the phone.

In fact cell phone chargers and such like are some of the energy vampires but the kind, for their very size, amongst other things, that people do not consider them a big deal. But they are.

I tried it out with a cell phone that was nigh on empty and it turned itself off, as it should, after the phone was fully charged. You will notice it as a user simply by the fact that the red operating light of the plug has gone out.

As far as I understood from the representatives of the company at the 2011 Ideal Home Show in London the SAVASOCKET Mobile will, every couple of hours, if the phone remains plugged in, check that the charge is OK and if yes, go out again, or, if no, will charge the phone again.

I must say that it appear to be a very handy little device and at a price of just £13.50 retail incl. free delivery will not break the bank either but could save you a bit of money – quite a bit – in the long run. Aside from that it will be good for the Planet as it will reduce your environmental footprint.

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