Portable glass water bottle by Love Bottle

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

About two to three years ago we heard of the reusable “portable” glass water bottle made fro and marketed by “Love Bottle”. Talk about reinventing the wheel.

This was them followed by yet another company whose name has escaped me with a reusable recycled glass (100% recycled glass in comparison top the 20% of Love Bottle) which was a cross between a SnappleTM bottle and a ketchup one.

Love Bottle, according to their material, was created by a nutrition consultant in San Francisco who wanted a healthier (and cuter) way to carry her water. Its her hope that these Love Bottle recycled bottles will not only spread clean water to everyone, but also spread a little love in the process. By putting the word love on the bottle, its hoped that it will change the energy of the water and thus bring love to you when you drink it. Yeah, right...

Glass bottles are good if for no other reason that they keep plastic water bottles with their chemical-leaching properties out of our hands and out of landfills. The only drawback is that they are breakable, but...

Now why would I, or anyone else in their right mind, even consider spending between $12-18 for a Love Bottle and $20-25 for the other bottle the makers of which have escaped me, when all I do need to do is to upcycle, by simple reuse, a Snapple or similar bottle. I have done just that and have made a number of “Tap” bottles so far that way. Much cheaper and equally as good (if not better as free and keeping the bottles out of the waste stream).

In fact I have a number of different sizes this way also, from 250ml to just under a liter, and all for absolutely nothing bar the effort of cleaning them thoroughly and removing the labels. And one of them has a lovely quilted jacket as well, to protect it from knocks.

Let's face it, man has done without plastic bottles for how long? Well, a very long time indeed, and they were taken to the field by farm laborers even and to war by soldiers and in the latter case especially, and not please excuse the pun, they were encased in leather.

Glass is the only bottle that is taste neutral and earthenware bottles, such as in which cider once came and ale are next in line and it is time that we got back to some sense in our lives and in the world. But not at the cost of $12 to $20.

© 2011