When the growing gets tough

The new Harrod Horticultural catalog, all 116 pages of it, is about to land on people's doormats just in time for Easter. In this catalog Harrod Horticultural, the Lowestoft-based mail order horticultural manufacturer and supplier is unveiling their inspiring new late spring collection.

Seedlings DVD 1_Layout 1 The catalog is packed to bursting point with patio growing solutions, fruit cages, new fertilisers, garden tools and equipment and even colonies of indigenous bumble bees. Thus, the Harrod Horticultural Easter catalogue will appeal to gardeners keen to wake up their garden and outdoor space after another long cold winter and supply more serious grow your own enthusiasts with essential vegetable plot items, many of which have been designed and manufactured in our Suffolk factory.

And it’s not just garden hardware and equipment that Harrod Horticultural will be offering as in true go-ahead fashion they’ve launched their first informative growing tips DVD. Set in the stunning location of Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden – Harrod Horticultural's own product testing venue – the DVD covers the seasonal tasks of seed sowing and propagation and reveals a host of growing ideas and advice straight from the kitchen garden.

Back outside and the newly designed and incredibly tough Timber Wire Frame will have you dreaming of summer soft fruits; it provides perfect support for raspberries and other cane fruit and fits perfectly in one of their fruit cages, leaving the jealous birds looking on from outside! Home-grown strawberries deserve a place in any garden and the Strawberry Raised Growing Table – another product developed in-house and fellow catalogue debutant – will provide your strawberry plants with the perfect platform on which to flourish.

Seasonal plant feeding and vitality is taken care of by the new Maxicrop Plant Growth Stimulant, accompanied by old organic favourites such as Bonemeal and Fish, Blood and Bone and you can breathe new life into your garden pond or water feature with our Solar Powered Water Fountain and move water effortlessly with a very handy battery powered Pond/Water Pump. Let’s not forget the less glamorous but nonetheless essential task of tidying up, a job made very easy by the new County Compact Clipper Wheelbarrow. It hasn’t quite got an ‘11’ number plate but it’s a prestige model in every sense of the word and provides the perfect foil to fellow garden tidy newcomers the Flexi tubs – which, as their name suggests, are built to last! Joining established range thoroughbreds such as raised beds, compost bins and tumblers, garden netting of every conceivable grade and size and hi-tech greenhouse equipment in the Harrod Horticultural stable, these spring new kids on the block will provide you and your garden with all help and assistance you could possibly need – so happy growing!

Source: Harrod Horticultural

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