SavaSocket drew the crowds at Ideal Home Show 2011

SavaSocket's energy saving products soon after the opening of the show already proved a hit with visitors keen to save money and energy!

The show – which has adopted a green theme mirroring the SavaSocket brand – was also the 'ideal' opportunity to launch our new SavaSocket Mobile to the public.

The Mobile is the perfect product for anyone who leaves their mobile phone on charge overnight – even though it only takes an hour or so to charge – or leave their charger plugged in and switched on constantly.

Not only does this cost money through wasted electricity, but it also shortens the life of the mobile phone battery.

The beauty of the SavaSocket Mobile is that as soon as the phone is fully charged it cuts the power - saving electricity, money and the environment.

The Mobile can also be used to charge other small appliances (up to 2amp) including mp3 players, electric toothbrushes, cameras and electric shavers.

Once people visiting the stand realised what a fantastic product this is, they simply had to have one!

Other products on the SavaSocket stand include the SavaSocket Multi-Socket 6 standby saver, SavaSocket Energy Monitor and dimmable CFL bulbs.

While the Ideal Home Show 2011 may now have closed its doors SavaSocket has not and the products can be seen and bought at their website:

Source: SavaSocket