Peasticks and Beanpoles

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Peasticks-Plantsupport Now is the time that you must think about getting peasticks and beanpoles organized as you will be requiring them soon, if they not already do. Peas and runner beans will need their support and other plants need supports too, such as French beans, for instance.

It is true that you can go to the garden center and buy some bamboo canes that will do the job – and do the job well – but they have been imported from abroad, China and other parts of Asia mostly, and thus are not really all that environmentally friendly. Especially not when you can get all the stuff you need from local coppice operations in the woods.

Hazel sticks are the best stuff for beanpoles and for peas – unless they need real long poles too like the beans – you stick branches that are off cuts into the ground surrounding the area in which they grow.

In Britain National Beanpole Week runs in about the last week in April and is interned to encourage people to think local woodland products when they are looking for their beanpoles and peasticks.

Locally produced, from coppiced hazel bushes, beanpoles and peasticks beat anything else on offer. It is a sustainable way of supporting you legumes and some local coppice workers.

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