Green Website Partners

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

It is amazing to see the kind of partners and sponsors that some supposedly green websites and social media sites list. Having an “ethical bottled water” company as an advertiser and sponsor, in my opinion, is bad enough but to list the likes of Pepsi as an ethical company – and I do not give a monkey's as to whether or not Pepsi is listed amongst the 100 most ethical companies. I want to see proof of that first.

Having partners such as Stonyfield Organics and even Waste Management is fine, I am sure, but when I look at PepsiCo as an ethical company I wonder when they will add McDonald's and Wal-Mart in that same category. It won't be long, I am sure.

When I see green websites and -organizations, and the recent Climate Week in the UK was also a great example of this, have sponsors and partners of dubious green credentials one can but wonder as to whether those folks have thrown away all ethics, if ever they had any, for big bucks.

Being sponsored by an “ethical bottled water” company is another one of those cases where one really have to ask questions. There is no such thing as “ethical” bottled water. And the fact that I, and so many others, are against bottled water has little, if anything, to do with the plastic bottles but everything to do with the fact that needlessly water is being extracted and removed from general circulation to be put into bottles. And there is absolutely nothing ethical in that.

It would appear, though, that money is the overruling factor for many, also in the real of green websites, organization, magazines, etc.

There are times when I am beginning to wonder as to whether the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW – and Tatchipen Media – are the only ones, or one of very few, that have real ethics and that question everyone's credentials.

Integrity and ethics, in most cases, seem to be going out of the window when wads of money are being waved in the faces of the executive officers, and this also, it would appear, in most areas of the green spectrum. What happened to everyone?

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