Muslims against Crusades continue with demo despite police orders not to

Muslims against Crusades are set to go ahead with the anti-Royal Wedding demo despite police orders not to and on their website they make statements such as the ones below:


With less than 7 days remaining until the highly publicised matrimony of genocide advocate prince William and Kate Middleton, Muslims Against Crusades would like to announce the second phase of the planned disruption of the royal wedding.

Drawing from recent events in occupied Libya, it has become apparent that the evils of the apostate Muammar Gaddafi bare a strong semblance to the atrocities sanctioned by the royal family, principally Queen Elizabeth II, as illustrated below:

In light of these striking similarities, we call out to Muslims in Britain to add a new dimension to the upcoming (Islamic) protest, by enacting one last similarity: as Muslims have risen in Libya against the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, we call upon Muslims to mirror this revolution in the heart of Central London and rise to overthrow the tyranny of Queen Elizabeth II.

Inshaa'allah (God willing), on 29th April 2011, the world will witness Muslims from all directions, above and underground, overwhelm this historic day and become a haunting reminder of the crimes of the Royal family and their wicked establishment.”

And they continue with statements such as this one:


On 29th April 2011, what is probably one of the most anticipated events in recent years will be due to take place at Westminster Abbey; Prince William and Kate Middleton, will soon exchange matrimonial vows, in the presence of a global audience.

Unfortunately, Britain's continued interference in Muslim lands is showing no signs of abating; the plundering of resources, the murdering of innocent (Muslim) men, women and children and the forced indoctrination of the satanic democratic creed have become hallmarks of a brutal regime led by a very brutal dictator.

In the backdrop of all this, we find that one of the biggest advocates of British imperialism, Flight Lieutenant Prince William, wishes to enjoy an extravagant wedding ceremony, ironically at the expense of the tax-payer.

His direct involvement with the murderous British military and eagerness to inherit the reigns of a kingdom built on blood and colonialism clearly demonstrate what type of legacy he wishes to leave.

In light of this, sincere Muslims have decided to organise a forceful demonstration, to once again highlight that as long Britain continues in its quest to occupy Muslim land and wage war against the religion of God (Allah) that we too shall continue in our efforts to undermine their regime and condemn all of their representatives, military or otherwise.

We strongly advise Prince William and his Nazi sympathiser, to withdraw from the crusader British military and give up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire.

We promise that should they refuse, then the day which the nation has been dreaming of for so long will become a nightmare and that it will inshaa'allah (God willing) eclipse the protests in Barking, Downing Street and the events of November 11.”

No one, I would like to say, is forcing any of those Muslims to live in Britain. They are welcome to go elsewhere. Most British people have no problem with Her Majesty The Queen and support the monarchy and do not see it as a wicked regime.

Those that make speeches like that commit an act, under the law, of High Treason, and are welcome to leave the country. I am sure we could all get a fund going to help them move to Saudi Arabia or such places.

The former Prime Minister of Australia said to very truly as to Muslims in Australia that no one asked them to come to the country but that they chose to live there and were accorded the benefits of the political system of the country and the same is true in Britain.

No one asked them to come here and no one, absolutely no one, is forcing them to stay here. And while no one is forcing them to stay here no one has interfered with their freedom to worship – they even could build their own centers of worship – and no one interfered, from the side of the government, at least, with their freedoms.

However, they demand that the rest of the country live by their rules and that Sharia Law be implemented in Britain and that Muslim ways to be observed by all.

Excuse me for a moment! In the words of Prime Minster John Howard, slightly paraphrased: “No one is asking you to live under a system that you do not like. You are most welcome to move to a country that has the laws of which you speak. No one is holding you here. Move if you want to live under Islamic Law; that is your right. But do not try to enforce it on the rest of the population of Britain which is, theoretically, a Christian nation, while in reality it may be, more or less, a secular state.”

Make your choice. Either you live in the UK and you live by the country's laws or you move... It is up to you.

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