EU plans to phase-out cars from cities welcomed - but emission reduction targets still too weak

Commenting on the low carbon transport plan unveiled by the European Commission on Monday 28 March 2011, Friends of the Earth's Transport Campaigner Richard Dyer said: "Weaning our transport system off its oil addiction is essential to protect people from soaring fuel prices and the planet from climate change - we're all paying the price for a transport policy that's been heading in the wrong direction for far too long.

"Phasing out cars that run on fossil fuels from cities is a good way to kick- start action - but despite these headline grabbing proposals the emission reduction targets in the plan lack ambition.

"Commercial biofuels are not the answer - there's growing concern that commercial fuel crops imported into Europe are destroying forests, driving people off their land and generating more emissions than they save.

"Instead we need better public transport, smarter cars that use less fuel and more walking and cycling for shorter journeys.

"And our planning systems must be overhauled to reduce the distances people need to travel for work or essential services."

Source: Friends of the Earth