Do you sit indoors basking in tropical temperatures?

A fifth of all householders in Britain crank up the heat to 27C all year round

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

And you want to see the offices of many a local authority to see how high they run their heating...

According to research by Eon, a German-owned utility company in Britain, one in five households in the UK are basking in temperatures equivalent to those in the Caribbean Islands and Brazil – which seems particularly amazing when you consider the current cost of heating a home.

Eon surveyed 2,000 householders in February, a month when most people dream of being in sunny climes, and found that compared with their parents' generation, 25- to 34-year-olds are four times more likely to lounge in temperatures of 27C or above. Duh?

One can but wonder as to whether those people are nudists and go about the home in the altogether. Certainly no one can be wearing clothes at such temperatures indoors. I certainly would not be able to handle such temperatures unless I would be wanting a sauna bath.

Despite the costs of gas and electricity at the present too many, including local authorities who are constantly, together with central government, are harping on about how householder should go green and turn the thermostat down, run the heating systems at – in my opinion – uncomfortable temperatures.

If my thermostat ever goes above 20C then I must be ill or I am trying to dry some clothes on the radiators; all other times it is between 16-18C and that does nicely, thank you.

There is absolutely no need to run the heating at anywhere about 18-20C, even with children about, and every degree that you can turn it down you are saving not just CO2 emissions and thus do some good for the Planet but you are also saving money.

So, let's hear it for 18C...

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