Full Circle “Stick 'em” Magnet Kitchen Towel – Product Review

Now what a good idea...

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Stick 'emTM Magnet Kitchen Towel

Made from bamboo & organic cotton towel with a magnet from recycled materialsStickemAs I have said, what a great idea. 

The towel is soft and absorbent and the magnet allows it to be stuck on the fridge in easy reach of wet hands. Reattaching is simple too; just sort of “throw” the corner of the towel that has the magnet in it towards the fridge and “whack” it is attached again. The magnet seems to be strong enough to hold even a wet towel and thus this is a real handy little towel for every kitchen, as long as you have the metal surface of a fridge to which to attach the magnet.

A great and simple handy towel for the kitchen that will always be there, right there, when you need it.

The only drawback – but to change that we would have to change the way we make thinks and where we make them at the present – is the “Made in China” bit. This means that the environmental footprint is a high one, while maybe not, necessarily, in production it is in shipping.

As I have said though, we would have to change the way where we have got our things made at the moment to get away from this. But, getting away from it we will have to, and that soon. It is not sustainable.

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