Gardening hints and tips – April

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

April is the month to really get on with sowing in the garden, whether vegetables or flowers (we are more concerned about veggies than flowers though) but still be aware that soil temperatures are still cold.

Although the days in April are usually nice and sunny, if it is not raining, the nights can still be too cool for most plants so ensure to cover them up.

Weeds, will start to appear this month, so the seasonal battle between gardener and weeds once again begins. Therefore, make sure you keep on top of this and hoe regularly, so the weeds won't become a problem later on.

Enjoy your garden and grow what your family wants to eat, it’s not all about what variety saves the most money. Personally I predominately concentrate on my favorites and that are beans, potatoes, salad leaves, sun chokes, carrots, brassicas of all kinds, and parsnip, though I also try other things. 

radishSow radishes little and often, approximately every 2-3 weeks. Water regularly as this will help to prevent them getting attacked by Flea Beetle and will encourage more succulent roots.

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