Someone strike a match

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

“Someone strike a match in here” is a statement that could be heard at times in the olden day as regards to the outhouse. Many people think that that was referring to the possibility of the methane gas being flammable but, in fact, it was referring to odor removal.

The simplest, cheapest and environmentally most friendly way of odor removal in the small room after someone has been is simply to, yes, strike a match (or two). No need for expensive and environmentally damaging – yes, they are – so-called air freshener. They do not freshen the air; they, in fact, pollute it. They mask the smells, that is all. The match works equally well though I have no idea why.

All that counts, is, as far as I am concerned, that striking a match, in the outhouse or small room in the house, neutralizes the odor from the bodily functions that are being performed there and it does that with little impact on your wallet and, what is more important even, the Planet.

Let's hear it for the humble simple match...

© 2011