Chemtrails or Contrails

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Much is being made – and has been already for years and years – by fearmongers of all kinds of the aircraft contrails, claiming them to be actually not condensation trails of planes but chemicals being sprayed by government, extra-terrestrials, etc.

Contrails Anyone with but the slightest idea and knowledge of aviation, however, will be able to see that those trails are nothing but condensation trails, so-called contrails from airplanes and there are times that those contrails occur even on lower altitudes. Trails are formed – or not formed – depending on weather conditions, temperatures, air pressure, and many other factors, and one of the most important one, moisture content in the air. That is why those trails are predominately found over the North America and Europe and contrails very often taken on the forms and shapes of cirrus clouds, to which they are related, at times covering much of the sky and causing the sun to turn to haze.

Having said that the trails are but water droplets (cirrus clouds), formed by the heat from the exhaust of the aircraft engines coming into contact with the moist but also cold air at the particular altitudes and not in any way, shape or form, despite the fearmongers' claims, any chemical sprays (chemicals sprayed at such altitude would also be useless), this is not to say that contrails are not harmful; far from it.

They are and are in fact a serious contributor to atmospheric pollution and to climate change, and that more so than any CO2 that may be put out by the airplanes' engines themselves.

Recently I watched some videos under the heading “What in the world are the spraying” and I just cannot believe how anyone can be taken in by the claims of the fearmongers from the trails shown in the videos. Not a single one of them was anything else but normal – calling it natural would be wrong – contrail clouds developing into cirrus clouds and something that can be observed all over Europe on a daily basis.

Where I live we are under on of the major international air corridors to Europe and we have two major airports not far. Therefore I can see the development of those contrail clouds daily and depending on the conditions there are days when the entire sky gets covered in a blanket of linked cirrus clouds.

As I said, I find it hard to understand how people who otherwise have a good head on their shoulders get taken in by the claims of the fearmongers and those that see conspiracies at every corner. Yes, there are enough conspiracies that are a danger to our freedoms to go around for sure but discernment is needed in order to know what's what.

The likes of Alex Jones and Co have for years tried to scare people into believing that FEMA is building concentration camps all around the United States and that all the airliners crossing the skies and all military cargo jets, etc., spray some kinds of chemicals at altitudes with which to alter people's minds and behavior. But the likes of Alex Jones and Co can also be disproved by simple proper research, as I have done more than once.

I guess you believe that the government is out to destroy us all if that is the mindset that you have and I have no time for government, per se, either but that does not mean that I will believe that they, the Bilderbergers, or whoever else, is doing a wholesale chemical spraying program against the people of the United States and maybe, even, Europe.

None of the contrails shown in not a single frame of those videos and the consequent clouding over resultant from the contrails was anything but the results of aircraft engine condensation. There was nothing being sprayed.

Yes, with the naked eye it very much appears as if those multi-engined jet aircraft do spray something out of their wings but this is but an optical illusion and improper observation.

On the other hand, I have seen stuff being sprayed out of the back of aircraft wings when they were at lower altitude, namely JP4 kerosene. This is a horrid practice but done in order to lighten the plane before landing and also to reduce any combustible fuel on board in case of an accident while landing.

Under the flightpaths to airports one can often see the damage this practice causes to the environment and, I would suggest, it is also harmful to human health in the same way as it is ti animal health and wildlife. But, this, again, is not a spraying at altitude to poison the people.

The fearmongers have but one aim with those stories and that is to have the money ring in their tills as they are only interested in the “survival” hardware, books, etc., that they are pedalling.

Contrails should, nevertheless, be a concern for us as they are not good for us and the Planet, but on a different level. It has nothing to do with any chemicals and the spraying of them but with the clouds that they cause.

© 2011