Why is the US Homeland Security buying Russian ammunition?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

AK-47_sml According to a list that I have seen the US DHS has been purchasing thousands of rounds of Russian ammunition for the AK47 (7.62x31), the Dragunov sniper rifle (7.62x54R), and also 9mm Makarov.

dragunov1_sml In my mind, unless they are up to something on the false flag front, such ammo does not make sense as the US government agencies do not, in general, carry AK47s, Dragunovs or PMs, as in Pistolet Makarov, that is to say, Makarov pistols, pistolet_makarov not even the DHS.

So, therefore, the question as to why then buy such ammo?

If I clamp my conspiracy theorist hat firmly in place I would suggest that this ammo is intended for some sinister operations when then another entity or even country is to be blamed.

Maybe it really would be a good idea to stay well clear of London on 7/27/12 just in case some predictions are true and something is being hatched at certain agencies in order to create mass casualties to then blame that on, say, a certain oil-rich country next door to Iraq.

Just saying, mind... Something to think about, though...

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