Underground grime single set to launch an attack on the world’s gang culture

DJ Lomotes and Phoenix Keyz are helping to combat growing gang problems with their latest release ‘An Eye for an Eye’.

Featuring hotly tipped grime artists Styler, Sicx, Dimples and Treasure, the track aims to dissuade young people from gang membership through open and frank peer-to-peer messaging.

Centering on the notion that ‘An eye for an eye makes the world go blind’, the track not only highlights the never-ending cycle of consequences retaliation and revenge crimes has but also hopes to inspire today’s youth with into making better life choices.

DJ Lomotes, who produced the track, comments:From the outset, I didn’t just want to be another person talking about the problem of gang-related crime. I actually wanted help make a difference and I believe this single has the capability to do just that.”

‘An eye for an eye’ is available to download from iTunes and Amazon now and the video can be found on YouTube.

Proceeds of the track will go to The Ben Kinsella Trust, the Trust set up in memory of Ben Kinsella, the 16 year old school boy tragically stabbed to death in June 2008, and to local community projects that can help tackle serious youth violence.

Statement from ‘The Ben Kinsella Trust’:

Since Ben’s death in 2008, the Trust has received a huge amount of support as well as many generous donations that will be used in the following ways:

To pass on the legacy of Ben – by making sure the amazing impact he had in his life and since his death is never forgotten.

To promote knife-crime awareness – many people believe that knife crime is not their problem and will never affect them. Sadly we know this is not the case and we want to ensure that everyone is aware of the threat that knife related crime poses to our lives.

To educate children of all ages of the consequences of knife crime and the devastating effect that it has on families – by ensuring children as young as primary school age are educated about knife crime and will never consider picking up a weapon, be it through peer pressure, fear or simply believing it is cool. We aim to send the message to kids today that carrying a knife is not acceptable, against the law and could end in devastating consequences.

To hopefully one day build youth centres in Ben’s name – as a tribute to him and to help protect, support and nurture kids on our streets. Sadly there are not enough recreational facilities for children in our country and we believe that when kids are kept busy and active they are less likely to become involved in gangs and anti-social behaviour. We would like to initially base our youth centre in Islington where Ben grew up and is known and loved

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A review of the song is to follow soon.

The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW endorses this song and its message.