Just 2% of Brits believe in 'greenest government ever'

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In a survey conducted in March 2012 the Government's pledge to be the "greenest ever" has been dealt a humiliating blow with just 2% of the public saying they believe it has fulfilled this goal.

The YouGov Poll of more than 1,700 British adults, commissioned by Greenpeace and the RSPB, found that 53% of respondents believed the Government was 'about average' when it came to environmental policies.

This follows a promise by the prime minister in 2010 to lead the way in green policy and push environmental issues to the top of the political agenda. It also follows disappointment by industry and environmental groups that last year's Autumn Statement announcement failed to tackle green issues.

Greenpeace chief policy advisor Ruth Davis said that while the poll gives a "damming verdict" it is not too late for the prime minister to turn this around and leave an environmental legacy he can be proud of".

She added: "He can start by reigning in his Chancellor who seems hell-bent on trashing the environment. Instead, what the economy needs now is investment in green industries that will deliver jobs, growth and protect the planet."

As a result, Greenpeace says that if the Government wants to rescue their green credentials that Wednesday's (March 21) budget announcement needs to recognise the value of the UK's natural environment.

It also calls for emerging clean energy industries and businesses looking to investment millions in clean tech in the UK to be supported, as well as action to stop the UK becoming 'locked-in' to highly polluting industry infrastructure.

Even being “about average”, as the majority seem to think this government to be as far as green and environmental policies go is stretching it more than just a little.

This was to be the “greenest government ever” but so far this “greenest government ever” has far from delivered and is not even getting close to the “average”, as far as those of us in the field are concerned.

How can this government bee green in anything when it (1) decides, against all wisdom, in the light of the Fukushima disaster, to build more nuclear power stations and (2) also spends billions rather than on anything worthwhile on updating the country's nuclear deterrent, in form of a replacement for the Trident-carrying submarines. Can someone please tell me how they intend to fight today's threats with nuclear armed submarines?

The ConLib coalition government of Cameron with Clegg tagged on is not green not freedom-loving either, as can be seen by more and more moves to restrict the freedom of the people of the UK.

Not that the previous Labor administration was any better. They were not and they are both as fascist as each other. When it comes to New Labor the founders of that party would be turning in their graves if they would but know what the likes of Blair, Brown and Milliband have turned their party into.

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