Eye for an Eye

“Eye for an Eye”: Song against knife and gun crime among young people

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

As someone who is a knifemaker and someone who has carried a knife, as was and is tradition amongst the Romani People, and someone who knows what a knife in the wrong hands can do – it is the person not the knife that does the crime, in the same way as with a gun (neither knife not gun is evil) – my sentiments are very much with this song.

While rapping music is not normally my cup of tea this song has good lyrics and also generally is rather nice. It is not, I am well aware, aimed at my age group, being well past the teenage and young adult stage, I nevertheless do like it and can but recommend it.

Mindless violence, as we see it on a daily basis on our streets and not just in the “ghetto”, is something that I fail to understand and there must be more to it than kids just being bored and feeling excluded.

Our uncaring society of today, the society of greed and more and more, and also of a belief of entitlement, is to blame for it in the greatest degree.

Gangs have always been around, let's face it, and we only need to look at the Mods and Rockers of the 1950s and 1960s where gang on gang violence took place, even including the use of straight razors. But rarely were bystanders, for a lack of a better word, the victims in those battles.

Today, however, things have changed so much for the worse and carrying of and the use of a knife or a gun even has become a status symbol and if this song can change the attitude of the young people that get involved in such activities, often without thinking.

In addition to that downloading the song benefits the Ben Kinsella Trust and may get our young people of all colors out of the vicious circle of crime and violence.

So, come on guys and girls, download the song and help the cause. It's a great song and it hopefully will do some good.

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