What choice for America?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

With the presidential election looming and only two candidates of questionable merit, the incumbent who actually has no right to be president, and the other one who also has questionable ethics Americans stand before a dilemma.

Not that Rom Paul would be a choice even if he would be standing and that simply because of his background being related to an SS officer by the name of Pohl. No wonder the family changed their name when coming to the USA into Paul.

In addition to that it has to be considered that the people do not actually vote for the POTUS1 and that he is but an elected king, more or less, appointed via the Electoral College, a papal conclave in all but name.

When the USA was founded all that was created was an elected monarch rather than a hereditary one and thus America just went from the frying pan into the fire without noticing it.

It suited the powers that be then and now to create an illusion of people participation while, in truth, the people have little, if any, say in the matter at all.

And the power that has been invested in the POTUS over the years has, in fact, made him (for so far a woman never had a chance) more powerful than many a monarch in the world today. Only dictators have the same power to rule by decree – called Executive Orders – as has the US President. And still the majority of the American people believe that they have a choice as to who becomes president. They do not.

Even a person who is not eligible, as in the case of the current incumbent, could be made president simply because the powers that be so decreed it. Kenya is not and never was part of the USA and thus “born in Kenya”, as it was still stated on B H Obama's author's profile with his literary agent until well into 2000, does not make for a “native-born” and neither does “born abroad, but only to parents who were both citizens of the U.S.” apply in his case. Nevertheless the PTB2 made him to be president.

Hereby we can see very well that Americans have little to no choice in who becomes their leader with almost the same powers as Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany or Stalin in the USSR despite what they may believe and it is time that the American people woke up from their slumber.

It would appear though, due to the “education system” and the media, that the great majority of the American people are so dumbed down as to the political reality in the country (and not, the British are not better in any way) that they cannot see the truth.

However, the British people, or at least I hope, are aware of the fact that they do not elect their Prime Minister but that the leader of the party that wins the election becomes Prime Minister. At least they have no illusions as to that fact.

And neither country has democracy, real democracy, despite the fact that, again, and this in both instances, the people – at least the majority – believe that they have democracy.

Only when we, or honest elected representatives of ours who do as they are to do, elect the leader of the country and the parliament then will democracy be finally here. Not before.

Democracy, real democracy, is still far of for all of us, unless and until we do something about it.

© 2012

1POTUS = President of the United States

2PTB = Powers that be