Plot To Pot – Book Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Plot_to_Pot “Plot to Pot” it a real follow on to Madelaine Cardozo's previous book “Down to Earth”, both published by Haxniks.

While “Down to Earth” gave the reader a guide to starting with vegetable growing and some little recipes for each vegetable, “Plot to Pot” is all about creating some scrumptious meals with your homegrown produce.

We, obviously, have seen books on how to grow your own food and how to cook such produce before but many, if not indeed most, are far too elaborate, for lack of a better word, and often circumnavigate the globe before they arrive at the destination. The beginner wants and needs something simple.

Madelaine, on the other hand, does, in “Down to Earth” (reviewed before here) on just a selection of vegetables that are easiest to grow at home and in her book “Plot to Pot” she does not overdo the recipes either.

Both book, in my view, are a must have, as they do go together well, but can each stand alone, and lead you from the soil to the kitchen, from chosing which vegetables to grow to what to make with them.

Another great book by Madelaine Cardozo.

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