Angela Merkel a Freemason?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Recently a collage of pictures was making the rounds on the Internet showing the German Chancellor Angela Merkel with her common pose of her hands together forming a certain shape, claimed to be the Masonic pyramid shape.

Merkel gestures Because of this the accusations were made that Mrs Merkel were a Freemason. However, it would appear that the author(s) of this claim has/have no idea as to Freemasonry and the fact that a woman cannot, neither in the UK, not in Germany, and also not in the USA, be a Freemason. Women are not permitted into the ranks, period!

Thus, before making any such claims it would be good to educate oneself of the facts and the possibilities.

I know that those making such claims will now come up with answers such “well, she is beholden to them anyway and makes that clear in her hand gesture” which, too, would be utter bull dust.

There is no love lost between me and the Merkel woman but the truth is something that has to be told and the fact that she is claimed by those putting about the images and such to be a Freemason is just nothing but falsehood.

I also have no time for Freemasonry and Freemasons but, once again, the facts have to be presented as they are and the fact is that a woman is not admitted to the Craft and thus cannot be a Freemason.

If it were true that that hand gesture be conscious Masonic sign then 90% of all men and women on this planet would be Freemasons, which cannot and is not the case however much those that talk Illuminati treat all the time might wish it to be.

But we cannot, possibly, let the truth come in the way of scaremongering, can we now?

© 2012