Garden Equipment Gets Stolen As Well

If you’re looking at investing in new gardening equipment this summer, make sure that whenever possible, the equipment is stored securely inside the house. Out buildings such as sheds or ‘polytunnels’ are easy targets for thieves; GardenToolbox explains. issues warning regarding garden tool theft

Evesham, Worcestershire, UK : The occurrence of tool theft is becoming a lot more common now; every week, there’s a new story featuring in local news detailing the latest tool theft. It can range to someone breaking into a van for power tools, to several people climbing over a fence and breaking into a shed for gardening tools – it’s not safe to leave anything outside at present.

Last week’s news uncovered a group of thieves stealing over £500 pounds worth of gardening equipment from a small family run business in Southend. Lawn on Order, a garden maintenance company was the latest to get hit by thieves when Rick Davis woke up to find his polytunnel slashed open and all of his tools stolen. Some of the most valuable tools that were taken during the night were his hedge trimmer and chainsaw which combined came close to £500 alone.

Despite capturing images of the suspects on his CCTV camera, nobody has come forward with any further information. So, anyone living near Stadium Road in Southend who noticed anything out of the ordinary on Thursday, June 21st should get in contact with the police by dialling 101.

GardenToolbox, a large online garden tool retailer based in the UK is trying to promote just how dangerous and inviting it is to leave any kind of tools outside.

They issued an official statement today: “In these down turned economic times, more and more people are looking for easy ways of attaining extra cash, no matter what action it calls for. Sadly, theft is one of these actions that can provide quick, easy cash. A lot of gardeners are happy to leave their tools in a garden shed or polytunnel; we recommend bringing anything of value inside overnight. Lawnmowers and other equipment is less susceptible to being stolen, however, having a secure shed with a good locking mechanism is strongly advised. Although it may seem like a lot of hassle to constantly move all of your gardening equipment around, it’s much better than having to replace hundreds of pounds worth of tools.”

The statement promotes common sense and not leaving valuable tools on display or within easy access of criminals. The harder it is to get to, the less likely they are to try – keep tools safe and bring them indoors.

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