ICEGREEN Introduces Reusable Shopping Bags as the New ‘Green’ Way to Shop

Going green is top of mind for today’s consumer and reusable shopping bags are the answer they’ve been looking for.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Toronto, Ontario, Canada : Toronto City Council has recently announced the ban of plastic shopping bags. As of January 1, 2013, plastic shopping bags will be out and reusable shopping bags will be the new carrier of choice for consumers and retailers.

Now, more than ever, environmental concerns like global warming and pollution have shoppers looking for a greener way to spend. In order to address these increasingly prominent issues, ICEGREEN is listening and has developed a stylish solution for consumers concerns. Now that plastic bags are scheduled to become extinct, ICEGREEN has created a line of reusable shopping bags that are both durable and stylish. While consumers have been slowly warming up to the idea of reusable shopping bags over plastic shopping bags, ICEGREEN wants to make sure that consumers are also aware of how to best use and maintain them.

Major urban centers like Los Angeles are moving to ban plastic shopping bags in supermarkets all together and with Toronto not far behind this new trend, ICEGREEN has developed a line of customizable reusable bags for retailers. They can now choose from customized reusable shopping bags, thermal bags, paper bags, eco-friendly poly bags, nylon bags and tree-free stone paper bags as an alternative to plastic. These reusable bags are made with a wide range of eco-friendly materials that contain recyclable content. “The choices we offer retailers translates into satisfied customers who feel good about using the product,” says David Lawson, ICEGREEN Eco Packaging founder and president. Seattle and San Francisco are also making the move to banning plastic shopping bags and it won’t be long before many other North American cities follow suit.

With today’s consumer concerned with their personal ecological footprint, retailers are becoming more aware that there is a need to help their customers reach this environmental goal. ICEGREEN is one of North America’s fastest growing manufacturers and suppliers of contaminant-free and lead-free reusable bags and carries a wide-variety of customizable, stylish and commercially viable packaging options including reusable bags for retail, thermal bags, paper bags and several other eco-friendly options for consumers and retailers.

When it comes to learning about how to clean and maintain these eco-friendly bags, ICEGREEN has become the go-to source for consumers and retailers alike, offering tips when it comes to the practice of using recyclable and reusable bags and packaging products. “Consumers should be aware that certain foods, such as raw meat, fish and poultry can contain bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses,” says David Lawson, “We recommend that you wash bags regularly, especially after transporting fresh produce, meat, poultry or fish to avoid cross-contamination,” he says. It is recommended that all bags be rinsed or laundered to avoid the contamination from microbes and bacteria that can cause illness.

When January 2013 arrives, ICEGREEN is prepared with a large inventory of reusable shopping bags and a wealth of helpful and health related information for consumers in Toronto, Ontario and beyond.

ICEGREEN is one of the largest manufacturers of lead free, contaminant free and machine-washable reusable shopping bags and packaging products in North America. We serve a wide variety of businesses and industries (Beverage Companies, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals and more) throughout North America and beyond. As the manufacturer, businesses can deal directly with us, saving time and money. Looking for the best in lead free and machine washable reusable bags?

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