Global Power Inverter leader, AIMS Power, Officially Launches New 1500 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger

Along with two other new inverters, a 3000 and 6000 watt, that launched this week. The new Global low frequency from AIMS Power also includes a 1500 watt 12 volt to 120Vac high quality pure sine inverter charger.

AIMS Power Inverters

Reno, NV : AIMS Power is proud to announce the addition of a 1500 watt pure sine inverter charger to its industry leading line of power inverters. This new inverter is a top quality all in one inverter charger. This unit auto detects 50 or 60hz and has the ability to select what type of batteries you want to charge.

Many people are looking for a solid all in one back up power unit. Ideally, a true all-in-one inverter charger should handle AC power input from utility power and generators. It should also be able to charge a battery bank with AC power and solar power. The last feature that should be on any all-in –one inverter charger, should be the ability to prioritize the battery bank over the utility grid. This will allow a consumer to use all of the power collected from solar panels, before defaulting back to a gas generator during an extended outage.

Along with the ability to help conserve fuel in an emergency outage, it will also help an end user capitalize on the power collected every day from their solar panels, lowering energy cost, instead of just during emergencies.

The engineering team at AIMS Power went above and beyond the above all in one inverter charger wish list. The added a built-in auto gen start, which traditionally has been sold as an add-on from other low frequency manufacturers.

AIMS Power is now in the low frequency inverter business will strive to offer top quality inverters at a great price. They plan on adding at half a dozen more inverters to this product group in the next 6 months. Offering installers, resellers and end users even more options, previously unavailable at an affordable price point.

About AIMS Power Inc.
AIMS Power Inc., headquartered in Reno, Nevada, offers a complete line of dc to ac power inverters. AIMS Power Inc. delivers industry leading products in both pure sine wave and modified sine wave, including 12 volt inverters, 24 volt inverters, 48 volts inverters, inverter chargers and low frequency power inverters. AIMS power inverters are used around the globe in many different applications including mobile businesses, off-grid power systems, emergency back-up power systems and sump pump backup systems. In addition AIMS power inverters can be used in work trucks, fleet vans, luxury motor coaches, charter buses, conversion vans, rescue and fire vehicles, RV’s and boats. AIMS Power Inc. also offers solar charge controllers, Grid Tie Inverters from Kaco Blue Planet inverters and solar panels in 12 volts and 24 volts.

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