German visitor giving Nazi-style salute to athletes at Olympic opening

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

During the Opening Ceremony to the 2012 London Olympiad, when the German team was marching in, an elderly visitor could be seen making a Nazi-style salute, albeit with his left  arm.

Nazi salute at 2012 Olympics openingThis man, in his eighties, is, supposedly, a German former official of the Olympic Committee who has only limited to no use in his right arm. Hence he uses his left arm.

It has been claimed that he is not a Nazi, by some supporters of his and of the right-wing, no doubt, and that that was a simple wave.

It was no simple wave from where I am standing who watched this happen and actually took the screenshot on purpose to prove that what this man, who needs to be held accountable for his action on British soil, was in fact making a Nazi salute to the German team.

This is totally unacceptable in ordinary circumstances but even more so in the setting where it took place.

However, personally, I am not surprised at all at this man's actions as the Brown Menace of Fascism is very much rising its ugly head again, in Germany, and in other EU member countries, such as Hungary.

The EU bodies are either powerless to do anything against those happenings or have no intention of doing so and if this man was, once, part of the IOC, the that committee neither.

This was also no ordinary visitor to the Games but a VIP for he was in the VIP area with Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, seated behind him and seemingly giggling at the sight of this German making the Nazi salute.

555555_340578846024874_511340208_n I am sure that had any ordinary member of the audience committed such an act the security at the venue would have swooped on him and arrested him. This man, however, does seem to be getting away with it. We must not allow that to happen.

Time to stomp out all Nazi behavior, in whichever form!

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