Thinkers and Tinkers

Thinkers and tinkers are needed in equal measure

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In order to create a new society, as we must, both thinkers, the theoreticians, and tinkers, the doers and experimenters on a practical level, are required.

With the people willing and able to think this new political and Earth-friendly society into being and the tinkers on all levels prepared to build it and the new kind of “infrastructure” necessary there is very little chance of success.

The (present) capitalist system, and there is no such thing as green capitalism, let no one deceive you, is a broken system. That is why a new system is required. No tinkering around on it is going to fix it. It is broken, beyond repair, period!

Capitalism will never consider people as anything else but expendable (wage) slaves and it will not consider the environment and Nature as anything but a storehouse of “free” resources which it can turn into profit without any regard for the future.

There are so-called green entrepreneurs and philanthropists (Cadbury and Rowntree were two of them in the 19th century) that tinker around at the edges of the capitalist system to give it a more human face and to make things better for their workers and a little greener but in truth this takes us nowhere bar to destruction, only a little slower.

What we need is not an overhaul but a total change of system, politically and economically, in order to save the Planet and ourselves.

No, so-called socialism and communism that we have had in the mid-20th century, which was all but state capitalism is not the answer. Real communism that considers both people and Planet, however, is THE answer.

It is, however, a system that, on the whole, does not, as yet, exists and thus requires thinkers to bring it about, on a theoretical basis. Then it needs people to set about putting it into practice, and those are the tinkers of one kind.

Furthermore it requires those tinkers that can invent and implement the practical aspects and the technology required to run this new society in individual communities.

This new society also and especially requires the total abandonment of the nation state.

The Earth, seen from space, has no national borders, no frontiers, only natural ones, in the form of oceans, rivers, mountains, and such like. National borders are all created by men intent on control; control of people, of property, and even of Nature itself.

Participatory democracy, which is real communism, is what this new society must be built upon and this only on a small scale, in small groups. It cannot work in a nation state. The notion of nation and nation state is also one that is alien to Nature.

The nation state was never a good idea in the first place and expansive empires such as the Roman one, and those before and after, even less so.

Man is not an animal that works very well in large groups, at least not to the point of realizing his full potential, as the monasteries of old have found out and that was the very reason why, as soon as one reached a number over 120 monks were sent out to establish new ones elsewhere.

Expanding individual potential is not what the rulers, however, have intended for the masses. The people, as far as the powers that be are concerned, must be controlled and led, and taught what to think and made into subjects who obey every command from above. And they also used the “above” as a means too. Thinking would be outlawed if they but could find a way to do it and police it. But I digressed somewhat.

Without the right kind of brave thinkers and tinkers this new society, which we must create, is not possible. And without this change we are doomed; the entire human race is.

The problem is that the majority of people are asleep and they behave like zombies having been brainwashed by the powers that be into believing that any other bar the capitalist system of “free” market economy is of the Devil and thus evil and against the individual and against freedom.

But only a total change can liberate mankind and the Planet from exploitation and thus we must create a new system that takes people and Nature into consideration and which puts the well-being of both before profit.

A little tinkering with the exploitative system of “free” market capitalism, or even state capitalism, is not going to bring about a system that will do that.

A completely new system, a totally new society, is what is needed and thinkers and tinkers are required to bring it about, in both theory and practice, for the good of all mankind and the good of the Planet. The two go hand in hand.

© 2012