Britain becoming a totalitarian state

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

We already have indefinite detention, whatever name it may have been given it, and secret court trials are also being considered and the legislation for this is being prepared.

In addition to that the British people are the most watched ones in the entire world by means of CCTV and other means and the story is now that we will be having scatter radar and CCTV with microphones placed in street furniture.

Most street lamps, on the main roads at least, already have cameras with 360deg vision and, so it is rumored, the majority have microphones already.

What do they hope the hear? Traffic noise? Or do they really expect that conspirators will be gathering under such lamps so that they can hear what they are saying?

In addition tho that we already have CCTV cameras that also have loudspeakers with which the control room can address the people. Rather Orwellian, wouldn't you say.

Now Britain is introducing a bill to parliament that will allow the security services to monitor and record all email traffic, all cell phone conversations, all web searches, and more, and mention has been made, though it is not, as yet, in the bill, that also all mail could fall under the same scrutiny. And they dare to condemn East Germany and what happened there.

The Summer Olympics in London have turned Britain's capital city into an armed camp with missile batteries stationed on rooftops, warships moored on the Thames and thousands of soldiers on the streets. Fighter jets are in readiness to be used and military helicopters fly daily sorties well to the outskirts of London even.

Protests, so it was said before the games even began, of any kind but especially against the government, etc., are outlawed during the duration of the games and can, and will, be considered acts of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000 if they go ahead.

Somewhere along the line I must have missed the official declaration of martial law but I would not put it past them that that might have been done in secret. Best stay well clear of the city during those days and weeks.

© 2012