Jellied Eel Tub Reuse

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Jellied_eel_tub1This is probably the most often used item in my kitchen armory and I have only just realized – honest – that it is. Yes, it is plastic but it is total reuse.

This is a tub that once held jellied eel (no, I can't stand the stuff) which I got, the tub not the eels, from a roadside stand, the owners of which I knew, sometime around 20 years ago, and it has been in use ever since. I also got a big brother of this one, and the matching lids.

The bigger one is not as much used as this slightly smaller one and it is in use for tossing salads, coating vegetables for roasting with oils and spices, and mixing sauces, etc.

This must be one of the best reuse “projects” I have ever undertaken considering the time this tub has now been living and it will go on living and doing its duty, so at least I hope, for many, many more years to come. Had I not taken pity on those tubs they would have gone into landfill as this was before we ever really got going with “proper” plastic recycling.

NB: I put the word proper in quotation marks because, in all honestly, much of our plastic recycling is not really doing much of it.

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