Man buys abandoned firehouse for $1, completely renovates and transforms the building


The Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the oldest and most historic areas in the city. Back in the day, Walnut Hills was a diverse and thriving community, but within the last century, it has seen its culture disappear as people flock towards the suburbs. A perfect example of this is when a historic firehouse burned down in 1977. While it’s ironic that a firehouse would catch on fire, it was tragically abandoned.

Kent Hardman, a developer, struck a deal with the city to purchase the building for a mere $1. You heard that right – $1. Judging by the lack of a roof and a tree growing on the first floor, the city deemed that the building was simply not worth repairing. After investing a lot of money and time, Kent transformed this abandoned firehouse into something amazing.

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