Eco-Friendly FreshX - the fresh alternative to 'flushable' wipes

FreshX ‘Toilet tissue Spritz’ is a new generation of environmental friendly personal care products being launched as the alternative to ‘flushable wipes’.

FreshX available in two fragranc_webAvailable in two formulas; ‘Aloe Fresh’ & ‘Fragrance Free’. With the benefits of botanicals and vitamins.

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skins.

Free from oil, alcohol and parabens.

Available nationwide in Sainsbury stores and online this month (March 2017).

Over one billion so called ‘flushable’ wipes containing plastics were sold in the UK last year but unlike toilet tissue they don’t break down easily when flushed and create untold damage to our drains and block the sewers (costing the water companies over £88million a year) and when they eventually reach the ocean are causing havoc with marine life and littering our beaches. (

New environmentally friendly freshX ‘Toilet Tissue Spritz’, simply transforms toilet tissue with a quick spritz into a moist, soothing, cleansing wipe with the additional benefits of skin loving ingredients such as Aloe Vera, White tea, Cucumber and vitamins E, B5.

FreshX eco credentials also comes with big savings. One bottle makes the equivalent of 300 wipes.

Including the cost of toilet tissue, freshX comes at a fraction of the cost of most ‘flushable’ wipes. We can now genuinely go and ‘spend a penny’!

It’s not only great news for ‘flushable wipe’ users who face the constant guilt factor of flushing but it gives first time users the opportunity to enjoy moisture and freshness to their toilet tissue which is so important to our daily routine. Unlike wipes, freshX won’t dry out and the stylish bottle is a great addition to any bathroom.

FreshX ‘Toilet Tissue Spritz’ is moving personal care and our bathroom habits into the 21st century by providing a beneficial, cleansing experience while saving money and helping save the environment.

Emma Cunningham of the Marine Conservation Society says: “From our Great British Beach Clean results in 2016, we have seen a near 7-fold increase in the number of wipes over the last decade. This is a real issue. Containing plastic, the wipes don’t go away, they just slowly break down and become micro plastics which are then ingested by the marine life. We welcome any innovative, free from plastic products that can be flushed down the drain that will help reduce the environmental impact both to the beaches and marine life.”

Oliver Turner from Water UK says: “We are pleased to see innovative products coming through as an alternative to flushable labelled wipes. We understand that customers expect the convenience that is offered by flushable labelled moist wipes, however even these wipes do not currently meet Water UK’s flushability testing guidelines (Water UK SNAP Protocol) and contribute to sewer blockages that can result in sewer flooding in homes and pollution in the environment. A spritz spray provides customers the same convenience and feeling of cleanliness, but without the problems and environmental concerns caused by wipes that are flushed."

Lara Zimmern, freshX Marketing Director says: “We think most consumers are simply not aware of the harm that is caused by flushing anything other than toilet tissue down the toilet. While the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘wet wipes turn nasty’ campaign is helping to raise awareness, labelling on wipes can be confusing and does not always help consumers determine what can’t be flushed safely down our drains. FreshX removes all doubt for consumers who want to use a moist toilet tissue wipe, but care for the environment.”

FreshX ‘Aloe Fresh’ and ‘Fragrance Free’ is great for all the family and is available both online and nationwide in Sainsbury stores

150ml bottle (equivalent of 300 wipes). Recommended retail price £3.50.

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‘freshX’ and ‘Tissue Spritz’ are registered trademarks of Edgeo Ltd, a company dedicated to addressing a range of environmental issues and developing products that help solve these problems. FreshX is the first of many innovations designed to offer the consumer an altogether better experience with a clear conscience that they are not harming the planet.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife.

MCS campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries, and protection of marine life. Through education, community involvement and collaboration, MCS raises awareness of the many threats that face our seas and promotes individual, industry and government action to protect the marine environment. MCS provides information and guidance on many aspects of marine conservation and produces the annual Good Beach Guide, the Good Fish Guide, as well as involving thousands of volunteers in projects and surveys such as MCS Beachwatch.

Water UK is a membership organisation which represents and works with the major water and wastewater service providers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our vision is of a trusted water sector, providing customers and communities with world-class services and enhancing the UK's quality of life. Our purpose is to promote the conditions needed to achieve our vision through leadership in bringing people together, informing debate and generating ideas.

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