Is this the UK's most eco-friendly family?

Mother who quit the corporate world to turn her entire life - from her son's birthday parties to her wardrobe - eco-friendly has saved £33K (and feels 20 years younger!)

  • Carrie Cort, 51, from Sussex left job running video communication company

  • Says her family is happier than ever since embracing new way of life

  • Wears her clothes until they have holes and then upcycles them

  • Grows own food and avoids processed and packaged goods

Adam and his grandmother with two of the family hens 

A mother and her nine-year-old son have been named the UK's most eco-friendly family after winning an award for their environmental initiatives.

Carrie Cort, 51, from Sussex gave up her high powered corporate job running a video communication company in 2014 to focus on environmental campaigning.

Now every aspect of her life is eco friendly, from her son Adam's birthday parties to her clothing, and she recycles everything from empty pens to milk bottle tops - but it's not just the environment reaping the rewards.

'Changing our family lifestyle to green has saved us around £11,000 every year, which has given us more financial stability,' Carries told Femail. 'Living green has made us healthier and I feel younger now than I did twenty years ago, when I lived a less healthy lifestyle of processed and heavily packaged food.

'However, the main benefit has been that our family has had such fun doing this. We are happier than ever before and we spend more quality time together than we ever did.

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