What to do in March (in the container garden)


March is an exciting month in the container garden, winter is nearly over. As the days warm and lengthen, it’s time to get your compost and containers ready to go. There is also lots you can sow this month. Having said that, for most crops there is no urgency, you still have plenty of time – and many seeds are much easier to start in April or May than they are in March!

An optimistic month, but we still need be vigilant:  heavy frosts may return at any time.

The advice here is for container gardeners in the Northern hemisphere. The timings will be good for most of the UK. For those of you in cooler or warmer regions, the timings will be similar but slightly different: I recommend you look for a seed sowing calendar for your area and use it in conjunction with the advice here.

This month

    1. Get your containers and compost ready
    2. Slug vigil
    3. Crops to sow outside
    4. Crops to sow inside
    5. Protect your seedlings
    6. What you can harvest now
    7. Common questions
    • Do I have to start sowing seeds this month? (Quick answer, NO!)
    • What potato varieties are best for containers?
    • What is ‘hardening off’ and why is it important?

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