US Administration seems to have lost control

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

central-intelligence-agency-seal-floorIt would appear that the US Administration has lost control of the intelligence services as well as the military. In other words – and now please everyone put on the tinfoil hat – there may have been a coup in the US that no one has, as yet, really noticed, especially not in Washington DC.

In March 2017 Wikileaks suggested – I will call it that for the moment – that the CIA was operating a hacking station from a location in Frankfurt/Main, in Germany and that they had systems in place that could make the hacks operated by them appear to be coming from foreign countries and their governments, especially Russia, in order to put the blame there.

Why blame Russia? Because the hawks in the intelligence community of the US and the military want to start a war.

We therefore have to assume that, if the US administration of whichever President, in the present case Trump, and before that Obama, either knows about all of this and gives itself as not knowing or, the other scenario, that the intelligence and military apparatus has, behind the scenes, actually taken the reigns of important areas.

It is either a case of the administration knowing exactly what is going on but pretending to be dumb and that nothing is happening or the alternative scenario that there are powers no behind the throne that work against the interest of peace and even the interest of the United States to further their own agenda. There is no third option.

If the second scenario is the case, not that the first would be any better, then the world is in very grave danger of a war, a global war, instigated by powers behind the throne of the President of the United States, people and powers of which said President appears to be completely unaware.

It would appear that the departments and agencies say one thing to the President's face and that of the people while behind the scenes they are laying the groundwork for something very sinister indeed.

We appear to live in dangerous times indeed and much of the danger does not come from terrorists or foreign powers but from our own governments and that of our “allies” and supposed “friends”.

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