Military to support and supplement police

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Military_Eifel_Tower1Many people keep accusing those of us who think laterally and who seem to be able to see behind the scenes of being conspiracy theorists. The funny thing, though, is that one after the other of those things appear to come true given a couple of months or a year or two. Already last year or the year before I, and others, have been foreseeing this and we were called, well, you guessed it, conspiracy nuts. Now it seems to be definitely upon us.

In Germany politicians are suggesting that the Bundeswehr, the armed forces, should support and supplement the police on the streets (in fighting terrorism). In France we have seen that already – but then they have declared a national state of emergency there – but also in the UK, where even plainclothes SAS operatives are loose on the streets of London.

The only way, theoretically, and constitutionally, in Britain, Germany and the USA (and probably many other countries) the use of the military – with the exception in Germany, and some other countries, in cases of disasters, such as floods, storms, and such – cannot be, especially not armed, be used as an auxiliary police or even given more or less full policing powers, except under martial law or, as in France, a national state of emergency which, to all intents and purposes, is nothing but martial law.

In Britain the military is already on the streets, though some in plain clothes rather than in uniform, as in the case of SAS operatives in London, and the livery of the Royal Military Police is becoming more or less identical, with the exception of then wearing BDUs and in the field, to that of ordinary county police forces. The colors of street vehicles, cars and vans, are now identical in the white and blue to those of county police, and the uniforms also, with the exception of the body armor which is hi-viz instead of standard black. The writing on the back and the front of the armor also state simply police, as do the signs on the vehicles. The only give-away is the RMP badge. And everyone would like to tell us that this is normal.

This change of livery appears to be the norm now in all those countries of the European Union where the military police is not generally part of the policing scene and where any mission creep would not be immediately noticeable. In other countries this needs to be handled differently and the change of livery of the personnel and vehicles seems to be the way they in which they are going to try to blur the lines and hope no one notices (until it is too late).

We must watch this and be prepared for it has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping us safe from terrorist attacks. You cannot stop a determined suicide terrorist with assault rifles. If you shoot him or her he or she will detonate the bomb and if you don't the same result will occur. The use of the military on our streets, including and especially military police, is to keep the people controlled and any opposition against whatever the powers-that-be may have in mind suppressed.

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