HIP-TRUG from BURGON & BALL – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Burgon and Ball - Hip-Trug large poppy lifestyle-web1Hip-Trug is an innovative new gardening accessory from Burgon & Ball, designed to free both hands for gardening jobs. It’s like having an extra pair of gardening hands!

Hip-Trug is a sturdy container in a flexible holster, and it’s a perfect helper for garden tasks like deadheading or harvesting. Made from colorful neoprene and sturdy stainless steel, Hip-Trug’s holster clips easily to pocket, belt or waistband. The tough, food-safe and microwaveable container slips easily in and out of the band of the holster making it a doddle to empty. No more trying to carry more debris than your hands will comfortably hold, and no more bending down to a container or basket on the ground.

This new accessory appeals to gardeners who care about the health of their plants: using two hands for pruning, deadheading or harvesting makes it much easier to make a clean, healthy cut, minimizing damage. Hip-Trug is also great for many other jobs around the garden, from bringing in the pegs, to carrying bulbs for planting.

Available in three colors and two sizes, there’s a Hip-Trug for every gardener, and for every gardening task. It's colors correspond to those of the Poc-kit Gardener's Utility Belt and both will go great together as a combo. While it may be possible to hook the Hip-Trug to the Poc-kit belt I would rather clip it to a sturdy leather belt.

Founded in Sheffield in 1730, Burgon & Ball is the UK’s oldest manufacturer of garden tools and accessories, with hundreds of years of expertise in steel manufacturing. A manufacturer of the world’s finest sheep shears since its earliest years, today Burgon & Ball is respected as a leading name in garden tools and enjoys an enviable reputation for quality and innovation. Notable product ranges are its Royal Horticultural Society-endorsed garden tools, and the popular range of hand tools and giftware developed in collaboration with designer Sophie Conran.

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