Fiskars PowerGearX bypass pruners PX92 – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

powergear-x-pruner-m-bypass-px92-1023630_productimageThe PowerGear™ mechanism is not new to Fiskars. In fact some years ago it was launched but this is a new version of it.

I then had the opportunity to test the P92 bypass secateurs and found them very good indeed. In fact it is the pair that travels with me to my garden – well, it is not a long travel but – each and every time. The P92 also has a very nice little plastic holster that came with it. Alas, that is the one thing that I am sorely missing with the PX92.

The Fiskars PowerGearX bypass pruners PX92 is intended For cutting of fresh branches up to Ø 20 mm, that is just someone under one inch for those that work in old money. Bypass pruners are not – theoretically – meant to be used for dry dead wood.

Unique PowerGear™ mechanism makes cutting up to 3.5 times easier vs standard mechanisms, says Fiskars, and that is certainly does.

Light-weight and durable FiberComp constuction and blades from extra hard, corrosion resistant steel (CrMoV) with PTFE coated upper blade for ultimate performance. Conformed SoftGrip™ handles for optimum comfort and balance. Optimized for small and medium hand sizes.

To some extent the PX92 is, more or less, a slight upgrade to the older P92 (shame they left the holster away), though with somewhat more oomph, as the cutting seems to be easier still. The PX92 is also significantly larger than the P92, which, in turn, also increases the cutting action and power.

A very powerful pair of pruners in small package.

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