BALL® home preserving starter kit – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

New to preserving? Here’s everything you need to get started, all in one package!

starterkit2As the reader may know from the other article about Ball® having just entered the UK market they have got this lovely little starter kit, suitable especially for the beginner but, obviously, not just the beginner.

I recently received this kit in the mail for review and this will just be – more or less – an initial review because in order to try it out with preserving something I will need to have the garden produce something and presently it is a little early in the season.

The kit came, as said, by post, actually by UK Parcel Force (not known for their gentle handling of parcels, similar to DHL) but, despite the fact that the package was just the carton in which the kit is sold all arrived without the least of a problem. No damage at all. More than can be said for well packaged grow table that came via DHL from the Netherlands and that suffered some damage. OK, the stuff arrived in good order and that is important.

The kit has everything that anyone starting out in preserving (canning as it is also often called, or bottling) would and could need, bar the pot, obviously. I had thought that I still had the large aluminium pot that I had a wile back but, alas, somewhere along the line it parted company with me. So, there I was having to go out and get a new one. But ALDI had a stock pot – OK, it cost almost £18 but it will serve for many years to come, I am sure – and that's what I do. Had to pay for that, unfortunately.

OK, so what do you get in the kit?

  • Preserving Rack (made of a silicone kind of plastic material) which fits most kitchen stockpots

  • 4 Ball® 240ml Jelly Jars with Lids & Bands – specifically designed for preserving to ensure a quality seal for the pantry

  • Basic Preserving Utensils – simplifies the process for beginners – consisting of a plastic funnel that is the proper size for the mouth of the jars, a plastic spatula kind of tool, and tongs for lifting the hot jars.

  • Home Preserving Guide & Recipe Booklet – includes 3 Simple Steps to Preserving & 3 Delicious Recipes

For anyone wanting to make a start with preserving their garden produce, making jams and chutneys, etc., this starter kit is ideal, as long as they have a big enough pot to put the rack into with enough water above the jars. That's all.

This is a great kit to get you started and after that continue with preserving and canning the produce from your own garden, the hedgerows and seasonal offers at the farmers' markets, greengrocers, and the produce section in your supermarkets even.

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