STIHL unveil new ultra-compact Cordless Chainsaw for 2017

Bonsai chainsaw

As the world’s leading manufacturer of chainsaws and garden power tools, we understand what our customers need to get the job done as effectively and easily as possible. For more than 90 years, new innovations from STIHL have shaped the industry, from the original petrol chainsaw to the incredible Compact Cordless MSA 120 C-BQ, we are always looking to push technology further.

For 2017, the STIHL range expands once again, although this time into new, unprecedented territory, with the launch of the new ultra-compact MSA 100 B-NS1 cordless chainsaw. This new product is perfect for maintaining smaller shrubs, and was developed after a meeting with the Bonsai Appreciation Society of Great Britain highlighted a small but important gap in the market.

Subsequently, extensive market research showed a lack of fit-for-purpose, precision tools were leaving Bonsai gardeners having to cultivate and maintain their gardens by hand. With one keen miniature gardener, Mr H. Prunier from Yorkshire, explaining the impact this has had on them:

The lack of adequate tools for Bonsai trees has had a major impact on my health. For years, I have been forced to try and maintain my trees with a range of objects that were less than perfect for the job. 40 years of using nail scissors to prune my garden has resulted in great sales for my local chemist, but a tiresome experience for me. Without specialist products, this problem will continue.

Launched at RHS Garden Wisley and tested extensively with their team in the Bonsai gardens, the new MSA 100 B-NS1 chainsaw features many of the same features as its bigger brothers, yet is the first chainsaw in history that runs on cell batteries, offering high power and long-life performance at an extremely low price.

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