Elho turn the table on the trend for Grow Your Own

Product Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The elho Green Basics Grow Table XXL

049164_green-basics-grow-table-super-xxl-i1Elho turn the table on traditional grow your own, with the introduction of the contemporary Grow Table XXL. Adding design and function to any balcony, terrace or urban garden, the grow table is perfect for anyone that wants to grow their own salad, vegetables or herbs.

Designed for use with the elho extra large propagator lid, this stylish mid height planter creates the perfect environment for nurturing new growth and protecting established plants.

Part of the Green Basics Range the elho Grow Table XXL is manufactured using recycled plastics, creating a lightweight, robust affordable planter for all design conscious home-owner. The XXL Propagator lid is specially developed to filter direct sunlight adding protection to plants, whilst ventilation sliders allow for variable climate control.

Available in Anthracite and a vibrant Lime green, the Grow table XXL is ideal for both stylish adults and enthusiastic young growers, bringing life to little spaces and introducing growing to little people.

More and more people in urban and suburban areas who may not have much of a garden – or mostly lawn – or even no garden at all want to grow at least some of their own food nowadays, which is good, and this is one of the tools, if I may call it a tool, that will enable them to do that, on the patio or even a balcony in the city.

The table, even together with the propagator lid, is very light indeed and can easily be moved from place to place on a patio of balcony. Keep in mind though that once it is full of soil it will be a great deal heavier that empty, though that should be obvious.

Both table and lid are made of a slightly more flexible plastic than are many others and thus, hopefully, should withstand weathering better and the rays of the sun. I have found that many of the other kind of materials, often of the PVC family, do not handle weathering too well, even though they are designed for the garden, and become brittle within a year or two.

As the season is not really right for it I have to say that I have, so far, not put any soil and plants into the review sample but that is, as far as I can see, no hindrance to me being able to evaluate the product.

My review sample came with the propagator lid – though I believe that generally they are separate items – and together they make for what is officially called a “grow-house”, in other words your own little almost greenhouse for the patio or balcony.

What is especially useful as regards the grow table is that, well, it is, while not having a flat table top sort of table height and ideal for those that cannot bend down for gardening. Hence it is called a grow table. For patio and balcony it is often better to have something off the ground for various reasons and a couple of those will even enable a city apartment dweller to grow at least some fresh vegetables, if only salad leaves. A product that I can really recommend.

  • Green Basics Grow Table XXL
  • W 37 x L 76 x H 65.1 cm
  • RRP £29.99
  • Colors: Lime Green and Living Black

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