8 cooking liquids you shouldn't toss

How to turn these 'waste' liquids into culinary gold.

Liquid from canned chickpeas can be used in many recipes as a substitute for egg whites.

Think of all the leftover food-related liquid you pour down the drain — everything from that briny water in canned artichokes and jarred pickles to the cooking water from boiled potatoes. Even thrifty types may have trouble seeing a way to reuse them, but tossing these fluids is like throwing out the proverbial baby with the bathwater, a real kitchen crime.

That’s because many juicy throwaways — fluids you either already paid for or created from scratch — are often worth their weight in gastronomic gold. They add not just vitamins and minerals to dishes you whip up, but also deliver flavor, depth, creaminess and thickness (similar to store-bought spices, marinades and other expensive recipe-enhancers).

Here’s how to turn eight common kitchen "waste" liquids into liquid gold. These ideas are sure to please your inner penny-pincher, as well as your family’s taste buds (including pets and plants).

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