Slip Eco Lube launched!

Garden tool oil, without petrochemicals!

Banner Slip logoA green competitor to WD-40 - Slip eco lube prevents rust and wear on garden tools. And rejuvenates rusty tools! Slip's petrochemical free formula is safe for plants, ponds and gardens, as well as your hands. It is 100% biodegradable.

Slip works, and has the approval of Adam Greenman of UK garden tool manufacturer Greenman Tools. "Slip eco lube works to prevent rust, reduce friction and to help maintain our tools."

Slip Eco Lube was launched with a Kickstarter Campaign at Ecobuild last year and the company has successfully sold hundreds of bottles already. Unlike petrochemical spray lubes, Slip eco lube is skin safe It has is a unique blend of plant extracts sticky enough to cling to metal, but designed not to attract excess dirt. It's also water resistant, protecting metal tools from moisture and therefore rust.

Slip eco lube prevents rust, coating garden tools in a protective film. Slip also reduces friction, making tools feel lighter and easier to use.

"Slip eco lube works. It makes tools easier to use, yet won't harm your skin, pollute your garden, or the environment like petrochemical oils can" - Simon Nash, developer of Slip Eco Lube.

One of the greatest demonstrations of Slip eco lube is on rusty, stiff, old garden tools. Slip eco lube can be used to completely rejuvenate rust damaged, aged garden shears. Applying Slip, then opening and closing a number of times brings old sheers and secateurs back to life.

Slip eco lube even nourishes wood handles on garden tools, bringing dry wood back with a dark appearance and smooth feel. Garden shed bolts, door hinges and padlocks also benefit from Slip eco lube.

Slip Eco Lube is proudly made in the Great Britain, and the next production run will use recycled (not just recyclable) plastic bottles – made from the contents of British recycling bins.

Green Oil started in the bicycle industry, creating bicycle lubricants and greases Simon Nash, founder of Green Oil UK Ltd was featured on Dragons Den-and in 2011 BBC Breakfast News with the company started in his

parent's garden shed. Following success in the bicycle industry, Slip Eco Lube was created for garden tools.

Slip Eco Lube is distributed by Suma Wholefoods to healthfood stores, and Slip is currently looking for a garden product distributor for garden centres around the United Kingdom. More information on stocking Slip eco lube and purchasing it for your garden tools is at

Slip eco lube is £7.99 for a 200ml bottle.

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