Traditional Wooden Toys from The Canterbury Toyshop

Canterbury Toyshop are Introducing a Great New Range Including Exclusive hand Knitted Toys.

Canterbury Toy Shop Traditional Wooden Toys

The Canterbury Toy Shop is proud to announce that they are introducing a fantastic new range of traditional wooden toys to their existing children’s collection. The new collection of ‘EverYoung’ wooden toys from the toy manufacturers EverEarth includes stimulating toys such as the ‘Brain Buster Puzzle.’ Available towards the end of June, this portable strategy puzzle functions like a simplified rubix cube; the aim is to match coloured blocks by rotating wooden discs accordingly.

Whilst these toys are designed to encourage children’s logical thinking, they are also for children suffering from visual impairments. As well as being coloured, the toys’ panels also have grooves and patterns so that the user can feel and match without seeing them. The introduction of these particular products to their catalogue emphasises the commitment, and proactive approach, The Canterbury Toy Shop has towards providing high quality children’s wooden toys, for those with physical disabilities and learning difficulties.

The team are also pleased about the addition of a new range of products from John Crane Ltd, adding toys from their “B Line” collection to the product range. The ‘Toulouse-Laptrec’ is a fantastic drawing toy containing animal magnet stamps and an attached drawing pencil. A beanbag pillow underneath the toy allows children to rest it easily and comfortably on their laps. A red lever on the side of the toy allows the board to be easily erased, ready for the next drawing masterpiece. Another ‘B’ line toy now being supplied by The Canterbury Toy Shop is ‘Dr Doctor,’ a concise doctor role-play kit containing scissors, syringes, mirrors, tweezers, Stethoscopes and more. These toys are ideal for children 18 months old and above, both helping to develop imagination and creativity.

In addition to their range of traditional wooden toys, a great new collection of hand-crafted toys is being made exclusive to The Canterbury Toy Shop. Each of their knitted toys, including ballerina dolls and cheeky monkeys, are skilfully created by a Canterbury based craftswoman who has been producing toys, clothes and other specialist products for quite some time and relished the opportunity to work with The Canterbury Toy Shop. The toys, stitched from the best quality infant-safe fibres, are produced without patterns so that each one is completely unique. These toys are perfect for pre-schoolers and children and situations where weighty wooden toys are inappropriate.

The company proclaim they have had much interest in their knitted dolls for events such as pageants and weddings, as the toys are perfect for flower girls or pageboys. The long limbs of the design make the knitted toys suitable for tiny hands and great comforters for young children. The Canterbury Toy Shop originally showcased their knitted toys at both their launch party and Leeds Castle Christmas Shopping Event in 2011. However, the company did not decide to promote them until Spring this year, meaning they received many pre-orders before the official launch. With the popularity of this product continuing to grow, the orders don’t show any sign of stopping soon.

About Canterbury Toy Shop
Founded by Ashleigh Lawrence, director of Callidus Technology Ltd, the Canterbury Toy Shop provides a huge variety of handmade wooden or knitted toys for children. As an experienced parent, Ashleigh hand selects each toy and piece of furniture for The Canterbury Toy Shop herself. Every item is selected for being interesting, fun and both visually and mentally stimulating for pre-school children.

The team at Canterbury Toy shop ensure that all products meet all appropriate UK legislation for children’s products and provide them with a personal, attentive and caring customer service.

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