Sainsbury’s Cleans Up Its Act - New laundry and dishwashing products give more for less


This month Sainsbury’s relaunches its laundry and dishwashing products as well as introducing 30 new lines. The range has been developed to support shorter wash times and lower temperatures in line with Sainsbury’s ongoing commitment to sustainable cleaning. All products have been formulated to match or exceed the leading brands and have been authenticated by independent testers, as well as customer panelling.

Laundry range
The laundry range consists of updated and reformulated powders, washing liquids, capsules, fabric conditioners and new gels performing at temperatures as low as 150C. Stand out items include the Non Bio Laundry Gel formulated for sensitive skin and the by Sainsbury's Non Bio Laundry Capsules, packaged in a unique, lightweight bag format, saving packaging waste in the switch from box to bag.

Fabric conditioners
Four premium Fabric Conditioners have been created by two of the world's leading fragrance houses exclusively for Sainsbury's, designed to make laundry a sensory event. Fragrances include Amethyst & Lotus, Topaz & Star and Pearl & Water Lily and Moonstone & Midnight. The dermatologically tested Gentle Range suitable for sensitive skin has also been expanded.

Washing Machine range
While we look after clothes, washing machines are often overlooked and it is important to recognise they need to be cleaned regularly. The problem is particularly bad in the south east where water tends to be harder. Limescale damages and reduces efficiency which is why Sainsbury's has developed its Limescale Preventer Gel. The gel - a preventative rather than a descaler - is added to the main wash compartment of the dispensing drawer and works best when combined with detergent.

Dishwasher range
Sainsbury's Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets perform on the toughest baked on food and are the fastest dissolving tablet on the market, meaning they work effectively on short cycles and at lower temperatures, saving time and money without compromising performance. They also contain an eco-friendly phosphate-free formulation exclusive to Sainsbury's.

The range also includes affordable All-In-One Dishwasher Tablets, independently tested to perform on baked on food and dried on cereal, costing just 12p each. Dishwasher accessories are also now widely available including Salt Granules, Rinse Aid, Freshener and Cleaner, ensuring machines could not be cleaner or run more efficiently.

Washing Up liquids
New by Sainsbury's washing up liquids, including the Cherry Blossom and Red Petalvariant, have been designed to make washing up a sensory experience, rather than a chore. With each of the new formulas, one bottle will clean up to an impressive 6,000 plates. There is also a range developed for people with sensitive skin, containing no fragrance or colours, offering something for everyone.

Sainsbury's Household Product Technologist, Nigel Tong, says: "We're delighted to now have an extensive range of dermatologically tested products for people with sensitive skin across detergents and washing products. For laundry, we've worked to tailor all our formulations to make sure customers have the confidence to turn down the temperature dial, saving both money and energy. The range allows for more cleaning in every drop, which means we've been able to greatly reduce our packaging waste."

  • Based on sales over the last 12 months, by moving to the new concentrated formulations and from sachet tubs to pouches, we will save over 55 tonnes of packaging, the equivalent of eight Double Decker Buses.
  • Laundry liquids not only offer fantastic performance but are now 16% more concentrated, giving consumers more cleaning in every drop.

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