Art and crafts activity films support parents and children with play ideas

Parents often struggle with activity ideas to do with their children. A series of inspiring and craft films have been created by The Creation Station to encourage creative play activities with the emphasis on the children using their own imaginations and their own ideas rather than showing “here’s one I made early”

As highlighted in Cameron’s recent announcement on parenting class vouchers, many parents struggle with ideas, resources and activities to engage and play with their child. The Creation Station announced today the launch of short inspirational films to help give parents help with ideas in how to play with their child with simple art and crafts materials.

The Creation Station online store already provides a range of free and engaging art and craft download activities to give parents free, easy and yet inspiring activities for their children to do. The new series of short films encourage children to use their own imaginations to see what they will do with the materials, rather than the typical of approach of “Here’s one I made early.”
“We are passionate about nurturing and celebrating children’s own ideas and imagination and have commissioned these films to encourage parents and children to have fun and see what they can do with a range of art and craft materials.” says Sarah Cressall, mum to three and founder of The Creation Station “ It’s can be hard for parents to know where to start when doing art and crafts , so we provide lots of ideas and suggestions to get started, both on our store, in the kits and during our classes. We find this way both the parent and child feel more confident to have a go and play and experiment together. It’s a wonderful way to build relationships and often involves a lot fun too”

The Creation Station, established in 2002 is the UK’s leading children’s art and craft activity provider with over 60 franchises across the U.K. providing children’s weekly art and crafts classes, birthday parties and events.

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