Cleaning Products: MyCleaningProducts Joins Olympics 2012 Green Dream with Green Cleaners

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games is going green. With its organic-based cleaners, supports the sports event's green dream.

Miami, FL : The Summer Olympic Games 2012 and green cleaning products have something in common. That is the commitment to help build a more sustainable planet.

The 2012 Olympics, which will take place in London, has a green dream. That dream is to make the biggest sports event as environment-friendly as possible. And it is becoming a realization. And as a green company, MyCleaningProducts commends the committee's effort to push the coming Olympic Games toward sustainability.

However, more than just commending, MyCleaningProducts also joins the events' green dream. Particularly, it does so by providing green cleaning products.

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Unlike most of the home cleaning solutions available today, MCP's cleaners were formulated using natural ingredients. And because of that, wellness is infused with them. That makes them more beneficial than their chemical-based counterparts.

Without the use of harsh chemicals, the company's cleaning products benefit health and the environment. They don't cause allergies, coughing, sneezing and difficulty in breathing that are often associated with exposure to strong and harmful chemicals. Additionally, they release no pollutants thus helping the environment.

But despite being mild, in a sense that they don't bring health and environmental risks, MCP made sure that they are also effective. And as proven by large companies to which they were first available, indeed they are effective.

Most of the unique ingredients the company used to produce its green cleaning products are from Peru. And thankful for its success of being able to supply the public with eco-friendly cleaners, MCP decided to give back to the country by helping build a school for its unfortunate children. It joined hands with the “Salud and Musica” Foundation, donating an amount to it with every product sold.

The company offers numerous cleaners. It got non-toxic solutions for mold called Molderizer and Safe Shield. The former is for mold remediation and the latter is for mold prevention. It also offers a spray for rust removal called Rusterizer. For pest-control, the company also formulated pesticide-exempt solutions as Bed Bug Bully and Silverfish Bully.

Given here are just some of MCP's green cleaning products. See the Complete List of Its Cleaners.

With its cleaners, MyCleaningProducts basically provides a way for everybody to go green and clean daily. And that is without costing too much money.

However, apart from its source of unique ingredients, the company is also grateful to its clients. It acknowledges the fact that without them, it won't continue to exist. Hence, it has become MCP's traditions to give back to them through special deals and packages. For this week, it offers a free shipping for all of its 1g, 5g, and 55g cleaners.

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