British courts kiss the ass of the US “justice” department

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Court says that there is no cause not to allow the extradition of Julian Assange to Sweden to go ahead. However, to all intents and purposes the British and the Swedes are working hand-in-glove to get the head of Wikileaks into the hands of the Americans.

It is the same with other cases too where the British courts in most, if not all, instance allow an extradition to happen, even if no prima facia evidence has been provided by the American authorities and if actual crimes have been proven they have not even been committed on US soil.

On the other hand when true criminals who are US citizens or residents are wanted by the British authorities the required burden appears to be much higher and very rarely do the Americans actually oblige and hand over a suspect.

Britain is supposedly a sovereign country and its citizens – actual term subjects of Her Majesty – are not supposed to be handed over willy-nilly to any foreign entity.

But that is theory and in practice things are entirely different. The British authorities seems to have entirely handed themselves over to the Americans and this cannot be permitted to continue in this way. The UK is not the 51st State of the Union. It is NOT part of the USA and, as far as Europe, the EU and European Arrest Warrants are concerned, it should also require more than just the say so of some prosecutors to affect an extradition.

I must also say that it is very strange that Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden while Abu Katatda, a known terrorist, who wants to destroy Britain and the EU given but half a chance cannot be sent back to his home country of Jordan where he is to stand trial on terrorism charges.

It shows, i think, that the United States rule the UK, if but by proxy, and what Washington demands and says goes. The charges against Mr. Assange in Sweden appear to be fabricated, at least to some extent, and that in order to get him taken out of circulation, so to speak, to, probably, prepare a way to outlaw Wikileaks.

Understandable, I guess! We cannot possibly allow the people to find out via such dangerous “terrorist” networks such as Wikileaks (and Russia Today) what really goes on. Where would the world be coming to if that would be permitted to happen.

© 2012