It’ll be a Stylish Summer with Haws and GardenToolbox

The online retailer of gardening tools and equipment, GardenToolbox, has added an incredibly stylish range of watering cans from the manufacturer Haws, to its website. Be the first to get your hands on these this summer and impress the neighbours!

GardenToolbox launches new brand Haws in preparation for the summer!

Evesham, Worcestershire : Haws, founded in 1886 by John Haws, has a long tradition of manufacturing attractive and high quality watering cans. Such is the desire for these products that in a recent Daily Telegraph feature on ten of the most stylish watering cans, Haws took up two places. The two cans in question were the Slimcan in duck egg blue (seven other colours are available) and the 7 litre Deluxe plastic can in green.

Although both watering cans are fantastic they are just a taster of the full range now available on With both metal and plastic cans, in sizes from 0.7 litres to 8.8 litres, there is something for everyone.

Lee Taylor, General Manager at GardenToolbox, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer Haws watering cans on our website. We already had an impressive range of cans but nothing as good looking as these. There’s something for every purpose, indoor or outdoor, whether you just need to water pot plants in your conservatory or large flower beds and borders in your garden. I’d recommend the 2.25 litre conservatory can and the 8.8 litre heritage watering can respectively.”

As well as the watering cans, GardenToolbox is also offering the full range of Haws roses and accessories. These are available in plastic, rubber or brass versions. There is a wide variety of roses, everything from fine spray to course spray, designs specifically for weeds and others specifically for rows of seedlings, all in a number of sizes.

Lee added: “Like I said, the variety in this range is fantastic but what’s even better is the array of colours. The majority of the watering cans are available in a number of colours such as duck egg blue, sage or aubergine – they’re very tasteful. And the quality and diversity of roses is fantastic. It’s the kind of thing that gets gardeners rubbing their hands together in glee.”

Other products that feature in the Haws range are jugs, vases and pot holders, all available in the traditional Haws colour range; sage, cream, ruby, duck egg blue, cerise, black and aubergine. These different products showcase all the high quality of Haws watering cans and make an exciting and complementary addition to any garden.

With the summer months here, GardenToolbox see these luxury stylish watering cans as the perfect summer gift for gardeners.

GardenToolbox currently operates on the new, rebranded and ever-expanding Online Home Retail Network which currently encompasses around 50 websites which sell everything from heated towels and shower pumps to chainsaw clothing and leaf blowers. Online Home Retail Limited first started out as Plumbworld Ltd back in 1999 and since then it has been bought by the Grafton Group PLC in 2006 and received a major rebrand in 2012. The business now employs 60 people in its purpose built warehouse/offices and has a total turnover nearing £25 million per year.

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