How to Keep Your Garden Green This Summer...

This will likely be a question on everyone’s lips this summer (at least those who have gardens anyway). What’s the best way to keep a garden looking healthy? How often should the grass be cut? And so on and so forth... The GardenToolbox blog addresses all of these things with a summer special.

Gardening tips from the GardenToolbox blog - stay tuned for more!

Evesham, Worcestershire : GardenToolbox are an online retailer focused on selling gardening equipment and various other garden-related products that can help care and maintain it. As well as just offering customers tools, they also provide another tremendously useful resource; a news-feed/blog.

The blog has been operational for over a year now and most days there is new content being created to help the average green thumb in the UK. Whether it’s the best selling products of the week, the latest discounts for the month or articles on how to garden effectively; they’re all equally loved by the subscribed readers.

Due to the success of the company and the blog, GardenToolbox have decided to go that extra-mile to help this summer and will hopefully be posting a series of how-to guides on their blog to address the most common gardening questions posed by the gardening public.

Keep up to date with the latest GardenToolbox announcements, articles and guides at the following link:

It’s not every day that a business goes out of its way to try and benefit customers without an ulterior motive (which is usually sales/profit based). But in this instance, it’s a pure, kind-hearted gesture that the company is putting forward.

Scott Morris, Marketing Manager at GardenToolbox explains the reasoning behind this: “We see people asking the same questions again and again – some people in the company even have the same problems at home. So we figured it would be a great idea just to give some basic guideline help to address these common issues and see if we can actually give people the answer they want! What’s in it for us? Apart from people visiting our blog, which is great, nothing. It’s purely about information exchange, they visit our page and we provide them with what they want to know, no hidden motives, no catch, just a plain swap. We just want to encourage people to get out there and garden before winter comes around.”

It’s genuinely refreshing to see a stance such as this from such a large business. The vast majority would probably charge for giving such advice, assuming they’d even have time for anyone who isn’t buying from them. Get in early and subscribe to the updates from the GardenToolbox blog and read over some of the past articles whilst waiting for new ones to come out – a win/win situation.

GardenToolbox currently operates on the new, rebranded and ever-expanding Online Home Retail Network which currently encompasses around 50 websites which sell everything from towel radiators and shower pumps to air compressors and leaf blowers. Online Home Retail Limited first started out as Plumbworld Ltd back in 1999 and since then it has been bought by the Grafton Group PLC in 2006 and received a major rebrand in 2012. The business now employs 60 people in its purpose built warehouse/offices and has a total turnover nearing £25 million per year.

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