Organic Mattresses That Save Lives

The Futon Shop's all wool mattresses with no fire retardant pass the 16 CFR part 1633 open flame test with flying colors. Now there is finally an organic alternative versus the use of flame retardant. Truly, organic mattresses that save lives.

San Francisco, CA : Flame-retardant use is widespread in the U.S., in mattresses, couches, carpet padding, foam cushions, polyester bedding, and clothing. Most fire retardants are made from variations of a chemical known as PBDE, which stands for polybrominated diphenyl ether. According to the Washington State Department of Ecology (WSDE), in laboratory studies PBDEs have been shown to cause problems in rodent brain development. "Most of these problems stem from pre-natal exposure and exposure soon after birth. The health effects appear to be permanent," says WSDE.

PBDEs are "persistent" in that they don't break down but remain active in our air, water, soil and food. WSDE says that PDBEs are building up in animals throughout the food chain, even turning up in Orca whales in Puget Sound in Washington and in the bodies of polar bears in the Arctic.

PBDEs also stay in our bodies, accumulating in our fatty tissue. The U.S. is the world's largest maker and user of PBDEs, and levels found in Americans are as much as 100 times higher than in Europe, where most PDBEs were banned in 2001. North American levels, say scientists, are doubling every two to five years and PDBE chemicals "off-gas" from the very products they are designed to make safe.

The Futon Shop has followed the law, by adding the most natural fire retardant to their cotton batting in the form of Borate aka Borax, aka Boric Acid. As for All Futon mattresses manufactured at The Futon Shop, the fire retardant boric acid is only sprinkled into the cotton, and no fire retardant exists in their soy-foam, latex or wool. Boric acid is not a known carcinogen by the EPA, the state of California or the IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer.

According to US consumer Product Safety Commission, under regulated FDA flammability requirements of 16 CFR part 1633, with a doctor’s prescription from a licensed health care professional, one can purchase a bed or mattress without fire retardants. Most retailers purchase their mattresses in bulk and are unable to eliminate harmful fire retardants. The Futon Shop’s custom made, premium organic and green futon mattresses can easily empower you to choose whether or not you want fire retardant in your mattress.

The fire regulation 16 CFR part 1633, requires all mattresses to pass an open flame test. The Futon Shop recently put their all wool mattresses with no fire retardant up to the 16 CFR part 1633 open flame test and it passed with flying colors. This means that The Futon Shop can manufacture any mattress with a wool wrap as the outer most layer and have it pass an open flame test. Now there is finally an organic alternative versus the use of flame retardant.

Truly, organic mattresses that save lives.

About The Futon Shop: The Futon Shop has a strong commitment to our planet, our country and towards bringing the best organic and eco-friendly futon, sofa bed & organic furniture options for the health and comfort of their customers. Their mission is to produce the best eco-friendly/chemical-free Organic and Natural futons, organic mattresses, futon covers for sofa beds, futon frames, and platform bed frames that promote better healthy living and a good night’s sleep for all. Since 1976, The Futon Shop has been the leader in American made premium natural mattresses.

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