Progress Solar Light Towers Turn Rock Shows ECO-Friendly

Progress Solar Light Towers now provide the music industry and its fans with an environmentally friendly, crowd-friendly alternative for lighting outdoor, evening musical events and venues. This new technology provides music fans and venues with cost-effective, quiet and pollution free lighting option - NO Noise, NO Toxic Fumes, NO Carbon Emissions, NO expensive diesel fuel or high operating costs ---Runs on free renewable energy from the sun. Now available at most national equipment rental companies.

Portable LED Lighting Powered by Renewable Energy From The Sun

Apex, NC : Progress Solar Solutions, LLC has created a mobile, solar light tower that provides great outdoor area lighting in a durable, functional format, fit for commercial use. The light plant was developed to illuminate large outdoor areas independent of diesel, gas or the electric grid. The portable Progress Solar light plant provides bright light at night, powered by free solar energy gathered during the day. There are no fumes from burning fuel or loud generators, and no diesel carbon emissions or light pollution that traditionally accompanies historically used, older technology light plants. The Progress Solar light plant can cover the lighting needs from small to large outdoor music events and venues.

Production companies committed to energy conservation and sustainable energy now have a cost-effective option that does not require a direct investment. The Progress Solar Light Towers are now available from numerous national equipment rental companies for easy, end-user access. The solar light towers can be used for lighting small outdoor concerts to the week-long, multi-stage music festivals. Other routine uses include lighting temporary event parking areas, thoroughfares, vendor booths, ticket or help tents, etc. Not only are these light plants safe and silent they can be positioned close to the action including stages, food, merchandise and crowds unlike diesel light plants that are noisy, emit diesel fumes, carbon emissions and other pollutants.

The Progress Solar light tower line is unique. Made in the USA, each plant holds two, state of the art solar generators, adjustable for optimal absorption. A fleet of deep-cycle batteries reside inside the unit storing collected energy and for backup, an AC charger is always available if ever needed. Each light plant boasts four custom, solid-state LED flood lights with high lumen output. The LED lights are made with durable materials that are resistant to shock, vibration and debris. The tower is adjustable from 12-30 feet and rotates ~358 degrees. The adjustable lighting allows direct, concentrated lighting, as well as, general or ambient lighting. Each of the Progress Solar mobile light towers are portable by trailer hitch and can be setup in minutes. The lights are user controllable and on/off times can be controlled by an on-board timer or by manual instant on/off operation. The unit is easy to operate and requires essentially no routine maintenance.

It is very exciting to see products like this entering the market. Hosting festivals and concerts can use a lot of energy and leave behind a lot of pollutants. The Progress Solar Light Towers allow production companies and event venues to reduce their carbon footprint by limiting energy consumption and burning of fossil fuels. The production and music industry need more products like this to help meet their environmental initiatives while reducing operating costs. Progress Solar Solutions has brought to market a smart, innovative line of mobile solar/wind light towers that offer benefits that historically offered options can’t match. As companies, no matter the industry, look for more ways to cut carbon emissions and use renewable energy, Progress Solar Solutions will be here with solutions to help them do just that.

About Progress Solar Solutions™LLC
Progress Solar Solutions, LLC is a privately held company located in Apex, NC that provides high-performance eco-friendly and cost-effective solar and lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, government and institutional applications. For more information on Progress Solar Solutions, LLC or the Progress Solar Light Tower, call (919) 363-3738 x405 or visit

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